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Choose your minor

Besides the major, during which you follow the subjects of the curriculum, you can choose a minor of 30 ECs or two minors of 15 ECs to specialise and further expand your knowledge.



Description minors

International exchange (30 ECs)

Study in an international environment by attending one semester at a partner university abroad.


International business (30 ECs)

You will require knowledge of international marketing, business English and international management to be able to advice a global player.


Grand international tour (50 ECs)

Instead of a second work placement you will study two semesters abroad at one or two of Tio’s partner universities.


Digital marketing (15 ECs)

SEA, SEO and content building. Devise the ultimate internet strategy for a company. Apply your knowledge during an optional work placement.


Marketing communication (15 ECs)

A mix of marketing communication and concept design & media: you will learn how to apply strategies that will attract the attention of consumers.


Entrepreneurship (30 ECs)

Run a company in collaboration with fellow students, including a management team, shareholders and sell your own innovative product.


Management development work placement (30 ECs)

An intensive management work placement allowing outstanding students to develop management skills.


Event management (15 ECs)

Expand your knowledge of concept development, project event management and risk analysis. Apply your knowledge during an optional work placement.


Financial management (15 ECs)

Calculating business and financial risks, ROI, mergers and takeovers.