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NSS 2022: Tio students extremely satisfied with their study programmes

National Student Survey results announced

Once again, Tio University of Applied Sciences has earned fantastic scores on the National Student Survey (NSE). In this annual survey, students at universities of applied sciences and research universities share their opinions on various aspects of their study programmes. Tio students give particularly high marks to the content of their study programmes, the skills they are being taught, the lecturers from professional practice and the pleasant atmosphere.

Satisfaction with the study programme

Are you satisfied with your study programme? Do you feel like the lecturers are doing a good job? Are the study facilities up to scratch? And what’s the atmosphere like? Students who took part in the NSE answered these questions and more. The results will help prospective students gain an honest impression of the study programme, as well as letting educators know where improvement is needed. Students at Tio completed the survey, too.

Tio Groningen off to a great start with Hotel and Event Management

Tio’s newest campus in Groningen is off to a flying start: the Hotel and Event Management study programme at Tio Groningen immediately racked up the highest scores on the NSE. While the campus might be brand-new, students already feel quite at home there: they gave the atmosphere at the campus a 5 out of 5. In other words, a perfect score! They also indicated high overall satisfaction (4.6), expressed appreciation for the content of the study programme (4.4) and the skills they have learnt (4.4), and took a positive view of how well Tio University of Applied Sciences is preparing them for professional practice (4.4). Students in the Hotel and Event Management study programmes at the other Tio campuses expressed similar satisfaction, with an average score of 4 out of 5.

Students extremely satisfied with Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship

Tio’s Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship study programme was another standout in terms of high NSE scores, with all participating campuses earning above average marks. Here, too, the pleasant atmosphere earned obvious appreciation: students rated it a 4.4 out of 5. Survey participants were also quite positive regarding the study programme’s content (4.1), the skills students have learnt (4.2), the quality of the lecturers (4.2) and the study support provided (4.3).

Highest scores for International Business Management

In the business department, meanwhile, Tio’s International Business Management study programme earned rave reviews: five Tio campuses ended in the top six and Tio Hengelo received the highest scores of all. The secret? The lecturers from professional practice! Students awarded excellent scores to the lecturers in Hengelo – an impressive 4.5 on average.

International Tourism Management scores highly, too

And the tourism students? On average, they rated their study programme a 4.1 out of 5. Tio once again achieves the highest scores. The survey results among tourism students at Tio show that the atmosphere is good (4.3), Tio is adequately preparing students for professional practice (4.3) and students are learning many general skills (4.2).

Results per theme

The table below gives a good impression of the satisfaction expressed by Tio students. Tio earned scores higher than the national average for each and every theme.

Theme scores NSE

Studiekeuze123 is responsible for conducting the NSE. For the full results, see the NSE Dashboard.