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Tio alumna Mandy: “Tio can help you reach great heights”

After finishing the Hotel and Event Management bachelor, Mandy Brusik worked as hotel manager at Bastion Hotels for twelve years. These days, she is a district manager at EW Facility Services. She still visits a lot of hotels, just in a different capacity.

EW Facility Services offers cleaning services and specialised maintenance for offices, healthcare institutes and hotels, among other things. Mandy is a district manager and works in hotels in the Amsterdam region. “The cleaning staff is managed by a housekeeper. I collaborate with them and with the client, who is often the hotel’s manager.”

Responsible for financial performance

Although this is not a fully operational position, Mandy does experience a lot of the day-to-day practice. “I walk around the hotel and go to the rooms to evaluate the quality. I oversee the processes on the work floor, offer advice where needed and help to resolve any problems.”

She loves her new job. “Every day is different. I have meetings with housekeepers and clients. I make appointments with suppliers and I am responsible for the financial performance of my district. Each period, we have to meet revenue targets and justify them.”

Hotel manager at a hotel with 192 rooms

After finishing her bachelor's degree at Tio, Mandy spent twelve years working as a hotel manager at Bastion Hotels. That made for a highly educational start of her career. “You start at a smaller hotel, but I was eventually responsible for a hotel with 192 rooms. I did everything: supervise employees on the floor and provide operational assistance where needed, e.g. in the restaurant, at the reception desk, placing orders, etcetera. Because the job is so comprehensive, you learn a lot and gain a wealth of experience.” After twelve years, it was time for a change. “I always want to develop myself.”

Top study and great networking opportunities

Years ago, Mandy mainly chose Tio because she wanted to do a fast-track programme and was not looking forward to spending four years enrolled in another hotel programme. It quickly became clear to her that a top education also does wonders for your network. “I did my final internship at the Dutch convention centre in The Hague, where I was welcomed into the management team with open arms. I do not know if I could have pulled that off without Tio. Tio can help you reach great heights.”

As she gets older and continues to develop herself, Mandy realises the importance of networking. “I probably would not have found my job at EW without my network. That started way back at Tio: the school takes you to all kinds of events and unique places. You get a taste of what the real world is like and talk to many people. That combination of an extensive practical focus and plenty of theoretical knowledge make it such a good institution for me.”

Skills that benefit you throughout your entire career

She still uses the knowledge she acquired during her degree in her career today. “Especially things like organisational skills and creating structure. During the degree, we had to set up our own businesses and we were responsible for organising events. This teaches you skills that benefit you throughout your entire career. That is why I would recommend Tio to anyone.”

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