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Travelling the world as a successful photographer

Floris Heuer studied Hotel and Event Management at Tio. Nearly two years ago, Tio interviewed Floris about his career as an event photographer. These days, he has been to more than thirty countries and his client database is larger and more diverse. “I don’t believe my growth is slowing down at all.”

When we contact Floris about an update, he has just walked into his home, luggage still in hand. He just got back from Tel Aviv, one of the many international destinations he travels to for work. “Something has definitely changed compared to two years ago,” he says. “I started travelling more and have now been to dozens of countries for work.”

Whereas he mostly shot dance events two years ago, his client database now consists largely of international organisations. “The best thing about my job is that every day is completely different. I shoot nearly all major shows for RTL, I am working on an international Kickstarter project in several countries for Booking.com and I am responsible for the photography at Palmesus, Scandinavia’s largest beach festival.

A team of photographers

Floris became much more of an entrepreneur in the past two years: “I collaborate a lot with colleagues. For example, I provide a full range of services during one of the largest business events in the Netherlands, with around 8,500 visitors. I not only take photos, but also create a team of photographers, each with their own talent, who complement each other and deliver the same level of quality as I do. I also take care of everything else, from logistics and briefings to finding accommodations if necessary. The ultimate goal is to take any concerns about the visuals off the client’s mind and offer them the guarantee of top-quality service.”

Floris provides his services all over the world: from Tel Aviv to Myanmar and from Turkey to the United States. Two years ago, he expressed a desire to belong to the top of the dance photography scene in five years’ time. Floris: “I operated at the very highest level and attended some of the world’s largest festivals, including Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. To broaden my horizon, for the sake of my own development and that of my company, I decided to shift my focus a bit and work with a more diverse range of clients. I grew a lot these past few years, both as a photographer and as an entrepreneur. I don’t believe my growth is slowing down at all. My job is all about quality and integrity. I invest a lot in my relationships with people, which means I build strong bonds with my clients. When someone has a baby, I give them a call or send them a card.”

Becoming even better 

At the same time, he has not stopped learning and his business has really taken off. “My schedule is packed, which means I have to share more and more of my clients with colleagues. I truly believe in the benefits of collaboration.” You might almost forget that Floris does not have any formal training as a photographer. He taught himself the ins and outs after buying a single-lens reflex camera for a Tio internship in Mexico. “That is why I want to keep growing in a technical sense. I have achieved a lot as a professional, but I still have plenty to learn about photography and creativity. Success should not make you sit back and relax. Instead, it should inspire you to work even harder. This year, I will take two days a month off to learn more about photography itself. I never want to stop learning. My goal is get even better at what I do.”

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