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Right at home at Tio

Aisha Woearbanaran is in her second year of Tio’s International Hotel and Event Management programme in Amsterdam. She feels right at home there. “The lecturers are clearly passionate about what they do.”

Aisha describes herself as a social person who easily strikes up a conversation with others and loves to party. “I knew early on that I wanted a career in the hospitality and events sector. I encountered Tio during an orientation day in high school. I knew this was right for me almost immediately: working in small groups, receiving plenty of personal attention and being surrounded by like-minded students.”

International bachelor programme

She is enrolled in the accelerated English-language Hotel and Event Management bachelor programme and plans to do a master programme in the United States after she graduates. “We live in an international country that is home to many different nationalities. It cannot hurt to take this study programme in English. In fact, doing so will probably help your career in the end.”

Every day, Aisha realises she is enrolled in a top-quality programme: “The quality of the lectures is unprecedented. Tio’s lecturers have master’s degrees of their own or they really know their field inside and out. They have extensive practical experience and some run their own business in addition to their work as a lecturer. They manage to inspire us with their passion and liven up the theoretical aspects with practical examples.”

Sometimes it's a challenge

The study programme can be hard at times. Aisha: “During exams and retakes, everything comes at you at once. As the end of a semester approaches, things can get quite stressful. Lecturers will remind you of upcoming deadlines, but you still have to do the actual work yourself. You can usually ask lecturers to explain something to you or help you out, but not always. Your independence will be tested.”

Job in hospitality

Besides her studies, Aisha works as a hostess at a shipping company called Floating Amsterdam. “Twice a week, I welcome people aboard and offer them drinks. I also give them more information about the city.” Her bachelor programme helps her in her work. “You learn how to be hospitable and treat customers. You know the exact etiquette of pouring someone a drink.”

That is because Tio’s study programme include a substantial practical component. For example, the subject Technical Hotel Skills teaches you how to serve drinks and answer the phone. “The exam consists of a roleplaying scenario that you act out for the lecturer with a group of fellow students. Your performance is rated ‘Sufficient,’ ‘Insufficient’ or ‘Good.’ You learn a whole lot from that.”

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