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Minor International Business

Resolving international issues

Are you looking for a challenging minor with an international character? Student Hotel and Event Management Hugo Kiewiet wholeheartedly recommends the International Business minor!  

About the minor

The International Business minor introduces you to relevant aspects of international business. The minor covers four main aspects: International Management, Export Management, International Advertising and Business English.

The case under discussion concerns the question of whether Starbucks should expand to India in 2011. Using models, theory and the lecturers’ practical experience, we draw up a concrete advisory report. What are the challenges and opportunities of an expansion onto the Indian market? In addition to resolving this issue, you are taught to communicate in English at a professional level and learn new grammar and terminology.

International nature

Why I chose this minor? I see the International Business minor as an excellent addition to the Hotel and Event Management programme. The international nature, combined with the use of the English language, really appealed to me. On top of that, the minor delves deeper into the relevant aspects of International Business and you learn how to best deal with different cultures.

Resolving business issues

I enjoy the minor very much: the lecturers know their stuff and their practical examples make the material easier to understand. What I like most is how you are challenged to tackle (international) business issues.

Furthermore, I love gaining some experience in a different field and learning from this. I am sure I can put this knowledge to good use throughout the rest of my career in the hotel industry.

Research skills

One thing I liked less is that the case is somewhat old. The added benefit of this is that it is extra challenging to find information that also applied back then. That requires research skills and it can never hurt to train those.


If you are looking for a (challenging) minor that focuses on International Business, I would definitely recommend this minor!

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