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MBA students kick off the academic year

Tio's Master of Business Administration students could not have wished for a better start of the new academic year: physical lectures on campus and an inspirational two-day kick-off on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 August. The students began the new academic year with a masterclass from Holland Casino CEO Erwin van Lambaart, among other things.

On 30 August, the students who are starting their Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme this year arrive at the event venue De ReeHorst. What are their expectations for the day? “Practical information about what to expect this year,” says student Alex. Ibrahim is eager to learn more about Tio's culture. Myrthe: “I want to meet my fellow students!”

Icebreaker and practical information

Their expectations are met: after an “icebreaker” during which students are asked to form groups and find similarities between them (ranging from “we go to the same supermarket” to “we're bringing down the house tonight!”), study coach Lars Brinkbäumer talks about the ins and outs of the upcoming academic year. Who do you turn to for what? What is the Tio app and what does the curriculum look like?

MBA: a wonderful addition to your bachelor’s degree

After listening to the practical information, it is time for a break. We ask around to learn more about why these students chose Tio's MBA programme. Student Maarten says: “This MBA is a wonderful addition to your higher-education study programme; it takes your knowledge and skills to the next level and improves your chances on the employment market.” Anouk is also after a valuable degree: “I chose the MBA programme because I want to obtain every degree I can, so companies cannot reject me based on my training and education.” Ben studied International Tourism Management at Tio and graduated in 2019. He launched his own marketing company and has now returned to Tio to complete the master's programme. Ben explains: “Because I had learned so much during my time at Tio, I felt I was ready to start my own business. The master's programme is a valuable addition to my own company: it gives me the opportunity to develop myself further and put everything I learn into practice right away.”

Masterclass from Erwin van Lambaart

At Tio, you will always be heard, but you also get to listen! To your lecturers with their practical experience, for example, or to the inspirational guest lecturers. On Monday, the MBA students participated in a masterclass from Holland Casino CEO Erwin van Lambaart. He discusses Holland Casino's strategy and offers the students some unique insights into his company's (online) plans. He also presents a case the students can get to work on right away: assess the scope of the Dutch leisure sector, determine where best to open two new Holland Casino branches and come up with a new product, service or experience that will draw people to Holland Casino.

Brainstorms and drinks

“After dinner, we kept working on the case until ten o’clock,” says student Kelvin. “Then it was time to have some drinks with our fellow students because we also want to get to know each other better.” After a fun evening, it was time: on Tuesday morning, the teams presented their ideas to the jury. “We felt confident about our pitch, but were also impressed by what the other groups had come up with,” student Rizki says after the pitches. “All students are highly driven. That has a strong motivational effect!”

The world is your oyster

After the pitches, the jury confers about the results. “It was a lot of fun to meet these next-generation talents. We are impressed by the students’ ambition and drive,” says Erwin once the judges have reached a verdict. “That's why we have selected not one winner, but two. These two groups stood out with their excellent research and novel ideas.” Groups 1 and 3 are chosen as the winners. Erwin offers the students some parting advice: “Make the most of the year ahead. When you put in the work, the world is your oyster. Keep it up and don't forget to enjoy yourselves as well!”

Great start to the MBA year

The winners can choose between a free dinner at one of Holland Casino's branches or a VIP seat in Holland Casino's private Skybox in the Arena. Laura from group 1 is thrilled about her victory: “We have only known each other for two days, but the collaboration went very well. We did not expect to win because every group had come up with excellent ideas.” Student Alex was in group 3 and proudly says: “We went the extra mile. That was the key to our success. It feels fantastic. This was a promising start to the academic year!”

Would you like to know more about the MBA?

If you want to keep studying after obtaining your bachelor's degree and you are curious to know if the Master of Business Administration is right for you, you can sign up for one of our open days and learn more about studying at Tio! 

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