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Effective sales conversation or debating: learn it @ Tio

Advantages of being a Tio student! Tio students International Business Management, Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations and Commercial Business Management received various workshops and training courses in debating and sales during the Sales Week. During the finals at the campuses they competed against each other, with many winners as a result! Check the pictures below!

How to debate professionally?

How can you formulate, clarify and define statements clearly? How do you come up with arguments and counter arguments? And how do you debate in a professional manner? These are just a few of the topics that were discussed during this project week. Important to learn, because once you have mastered these skills you will enter a sales conversation a lot more confidently!

How to conduct an effective sales conversation?

During the sales training there was one key question: how do you conduct an effective sales conversation? Because in the end you only have one goal: to sell! The students learned new techniques on how to best shape their sales conversations with the aim of having the most effective conversation possible.

Lots of winners

The finals of this Sales Week took place at the campuses, and each campus announced their winners who won a nice cash prize. At Tio Amsterdam, even a sponsor contributed, which made the prize even higher. Lecturer Jeroen Mouw about the final day: "A very nice, inspiring day with many tools for the future in the professional field!"

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