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The Media Nanny provides students with tips and tricks

Do something different

‘Media Mastermind’ José Woldring founded PR agency The Media Nanny, which specialises in PR for the dance scene, at the age of 23. Her portfolio includes big names such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Ryan Marciano. She gives students at Tio Amsterdam an insight into her world of famous DJs, app groups and PR events.

In the right business

From horse-riding enthusiast in the tiny Groningen village of Loppersum to CEO of one of the biggest PR agencies on the dance scene: how do you achieve that? By being in the right business at the right time, says Woldring. PR was virtually unheard of on the dance scene, so she started providing PR for a few DJs she knew while studying Media & Entertainment Management. That was precisely when the DJ industry started booming: the export of Dutch music doubled. “I realised I was in the right business.”

New ways of reaching more people

But it is not just a question of being in the right place at the right time: The Media Nanny became successful specifically because of her creative input and original ideas and she now has DJs clamouring for her services. “We are always looking for new ways of reaching more people.” By having Martin Garrix dressed by Armani for the MTV Awards, for example, which won him the prize for best-dressed artist. Or by playing a new acoustic (instead of digital) version of a release at a release event. But there are of course also a few less succesful initiatives, such as a press release for a pool party that contained the typo ‘poop party’. Oops… just pick yourself up and carry on!

Tips from a pro

Woldring’s tips for successful PR: do something different, make events fun and successful by utilising your network’s network, build a personal relationship with your clients and rip open a can of influencers once in a while (but make sure you are targeting the right audience). Students also received many practical tips: obtain your diploma, go out and meet people, do not be afraid of asking others for their opinions, set your boundaries and remember: there is more to life than Instagram or WhatsApp. “Before you know it, you are glued to your phone 24/7, and that’s when your life ends.” 

Enjoyable and personal

What tips are the students taking away? “I picked up some job hunting tips too, such as that you should not state on your application that you are flexible, because that is what everyone else is already doing,” explains tourism student Emily. “And that it is important to establish a personal relationship with your clients, that is also worth bearing in mind,” tourism student Nancy adds. Business student Lidiya particularly enjoyed the fact that Woldring told the story from her own perspective: “That made the Masterclass more enjoyable and personal. I did a work placement at a PR agency myself and she has shown a completely different side to what I saw during my work placement.” Nancy sums up: “An incredibly interesting person.”

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