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Tio has the best studies for 11 years - Higher Education Guide

This year marks the eleventh time in a row that the study programmes of Tio University of Applied Sciences are selected as best in class by the Higher Education Guide 2022; several of the Tio's programmes receive top marks in the latest edition of the Guide. The Higher Education Guide offers prospective higher-education students an overview of more than 1,100 higher-education programmes in the Netherlands. Among other things, the guide contains student evaluations and information about admission requirements, as well as career opportunities and average starting wages.

Small-scale and personal

Tio is known for its small-scale and personal education in the fields of business, event management, hotel management, tourism and marketing. For years, Tio has been claiming the number one position with its study programmes in these sectors. This year, the Higher Education Guide 2022 selected Tio's Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship, International Business Management, Hotel and Event Management and International Tourism Management programmes as the best.

“Excellent” hallmark

The Higher Education Guide reveals that the students of Tio are highly satisfied with their chosen institution and that they often perform above average, compared to their peers from other schools. As a result, Tio is the proud recipient of the “excellent in this field” hallmark. Former student Lotte van Rijen can attest to the strong satisfaction felt by Tio's students: “I can really tell that I have received top education. Thanks to Tio, I have excellent communication skills, such as pitching and networking. Among many other things, I also learned how to write good reports and how to deal with feedback. Tio really does give its students a head start.”

Katinka Reuling, general director at Tio: “The quality of our education and the satisfaction of our students are incredibly important to us at Tio. We are therefore more than proud to see these two aspects mentioned in particular in this year's Higher Education Guide. We view it as a major compliment that our students are so satisfied and are given so much room to excel that we have been awarded the “excellent in this field” hallmark. We were thrilled to see our study programmes selected as best in class for the eleventh time in a row, this truly is the cherry on top. We could not have wished for a better start to the new academic year.”

Discover Tio at the open days

Meet the best programmes of the Netherlands

Discover Tio, the unique Tio concept and its award-winning programmes during the (online) open days. From 23 October, Tio organises an open day every weekend at one of the Tio campuses. Attending an open day online is also possible!

Source: Higher Education Guide 2022