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Tio’s mission is: offering personal and intensive professional education that students and businesses rate as excellent.
Learning by doing and quality are key aspects of Tio’s education. By listening to students and businesses, Tio manages to regularly implement changes in its education throughout the academic year. Tio’s focus on quality results in satisfied students. 

Meet Tio's management team

A dedicated management team leads Tio’s organisation. The members of the management team are happy to tell you more about their passions and pride. Below, you can meet the members of Tio’s management.


Mark Duthler 
Mark Duthler, directeur en eigenaar Hogeschool Tio“I have been with Tio for nearly half my life. As the years progress, I am becoming increasingly proud of Tio. It is my fourth child, in a sense. I get a lot of satisfaction from the knowledge that Tio helps students make the most of their lives. It also feels good to lead 350 people across five wonderful campuses.”
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Commercial manager

Geert van der Meer
Geert van der Meer, Commercieel Manager bij Hogeschool Tio“I have been with Tio for many years now. I started as a campus manager in Haarlem and Amsterdam, before moving on to the position of commercial manager. Together with the various departments I lead, marketing and the student administration, I am responsible for making sure that Tio sells well and that enough fresh students start each new academic year. This starts with Tio’s presence at information meetings and education fairs, the study guide, the website, the open days and talking to clients, all the way to the application process. I love seeing our students proudly sell the product to the next generation.”
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Head of education & quality

Patrick Molenaar
Head of education & quality, Patrick Molenaar"I started as a hospitality lecturer at the Tio University in 2014 and made the transition to the Education & Quality department as a Mbo director in 2016. Since October 2017, I have been fulfilling the role of Head of Education & Quality at Tio with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Together with my team and the lecturers in the various fields, I ensure that our students are educated as entrepreneurial and open-minded young professionals by offering high-quality education."
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Head of automation

Louis van Dieteren
Louis van Dieteren, Head of automation"Since the end of 2017 I work at Tio as Manager ICT. In my career I have worked at several commercial organisations, where I have always been active in the field of information management and ICT. Together with my team we contribute to the ambition and drive of Tio to be the best. ICT Innovation and quality are our main focus as well as an optimal adaptation to the needs and wishes of the education, students, lecturers and those of the internal customers of the operational management.
My ICT team consists of motivated employees in the fields of information management, project management, software development, functional management, system management and the service desk. For certain aspects we complement this with external solutions and parties, where we as ICT team always keep in the control. Good ICT makes education more attractive".
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Manager P&O

Kitty Vlijter
Kitty Vlijter , Manager P&O"Meanwhile I have been working for Tio for 5 years. From 1 August 2017, I am responsible for the Personnel & Organisation (P&O) department.
After living in America for over 22 years and working as a human resource professional, I moved back to the Netherlands in 2012, and I started at Tio as a lecturer for the (hotel) management and communication subjects. Subsequently I became an internship coordinator and study coach for the students of the English-speaking Hotel and Event Management programme at Tio Utrecht.
With this knowledge and experience, I would like to contribute to further developing R & D processes so that all Tio colleagues are motivated and driven and get the best out of themselves."
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Marten Busstra 
Marten Busstra, Financieel Manager"Since March of 2017 I am as controller of Tio responsible for the finance department. After studying business economics I gained work experience as Assistant Controller and Business Controller in retail. At Tio there is a great opportunity for me to bring the finance department to a level that matches the quality that Tio stands. With my enthusiasm and go-getter mentality, the first few months I will be working with my colleagues on bringing structure to the financial processes and ensuring that they fit to the developments within Tio."
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Location manager Tio Amsterdam

Martijn Naberman
Martijn Naberman, vestigingsmanager Tio Amsterdam“Before starting at Tio Amsterdam in early 2009, I worked as a lecturer on geography and as a manager at a supermarket and a sportswear store. I have not been bored for a day since joining Tio: I am hard at work hosting increasingly popular and better events (some with as many as 1,300 guests), hiring fun and good lecturers (sometimes after going over as many as 1,300 CVs), welcoming growing numbers of wonderful students, remodelling the campus, organising the study trip to London, walking around a lot and talking to students, attending meetings, etcetera. In short, a fantastic and busy job.”
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Location manager Tio Eindhoven

Nicole Faasse, Location manager Tio EindhovenNicole Faasse
"Before I started working as a location manager at Tio, I owned restaurant for 4 years in Deurne. Previouas to owning a restaurant a I worked at Tio Leidschendam later Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. At these campuses I have taught hospitality courses and I was an internship and study coordinator of the mbo programmes, and I also did presentations at the open days of Tio. I like to do my work as best as I can and communicate in a personal way. I am service orientated and I love building trust relationships. Satisfied people, that gives me energy! Educating young adults, enthusiasing lecturers and giving direction to a team, is a continuous process, where often my know-how of managing comes in handy.”
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Location manager Tio Hengelo

Ingrid Alssema
Ingrid Alssema, vestigingsmanager Tio Hengelo“Tio Hengelo has been around for nearly fifty years now. In 1969, the foundation was created here for the five campuses that, together, have earned the title of Best Small-Sized University of Applied Sciences. I have been in charge here for around 25 years now, which is a job I still love doing to this day. Although we are the smallest of the five campuses in terms of the number of students we have here, our students and the people who work here make sure that this is a great place to be, even during the summer. One of our main priorities is maintaining our level of quality. If you are ever in the area, feel free to visit us and experience the atmosphere here for yourself.”
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Location manager Tio Rotterdam

Nanneke Christiaanse
Nanneke Christiaanse, Vestigingsmanager Tio Rotterdam"I have been working for a long time at Tio, formerly as a campus manager in Eindhoven and now as a campus manager in Rotterdam. Planning, organising and maintaining contact with, among other things, the students makes my work very interesting. At Tio I can express my creativity and ideas, partly because of my years of experience in the business sector. I also do not lose sight of the commercial interest. Privately I am often busy with one of my biggest passions; namely interior decoration. All in all, I like quality, atmosphere and conviviality and I also try to radiate that on my work. Together with the teaching staff in Rotterdam, this is going well."
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Location manager Tio Utrecht

Arthur Teeuw
Arthur Teeuw, vestigingsmanager Tio Utrecht“Tio is an exceptional community with a small scale and a personal touch. That characteristic Tio atmosphere is something I want to preserve in Utrecht.” Arthur is not new to Tio. Years ago, he started as a final thesis coach. Soon, he moved on to lecturing, became a study coach, internship coordinator and finally a member of the Board of Examiners. In March of 2015, he temporarily moved on to a different challenge – although it proved hard to stay away for long. “I have a degree as a public administrator from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the field of Policy & Politics. Tio’s main strength is its atmosphere, both between lecturers and students and between employees. This is a real, close-knit community, thanks to its small-scale and personal nature. I am at my best in such an environment and this is where I can truly make a difference.”
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Its national organisation allows Tio to focus on the quality and innovation of its education. A team of education experts is hard at work every day to safeguard the quality of Tio’s education and to develop appealing and up-to-date study programmes. Tio’s in-house software specialists ensure that our systems are up to date and perform optimally.

Accreditation by NVAO

Tio University of Applied Sciences’ bachelor’s degrees have recently been accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). The NVAO is an independent binational accreditation organisation that was established by the Dutch and Flemish governments to expertly and objectively evaluate the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders. The NVAO’s tasks and methods are recorded in legislation. Its main duties involve the evaluation and safeguarding of the level and quality of the higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders and the improvement of the quality culture that exists in the higher education sector. 

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

ISO quality certificat for Tio UniversityTio University of Applied Sciences has a NEN-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. This reaffirms that Tio’s education and organisation are of the highest quality. The ISO quality certification has been renewed for a period of three years, up to and including 2017. 

NRTO certification

NRTO-keurmerk voor Hogeschool Tio, erkenning voor kwaliteit en professionaliteit.Recognition for quality and professionalis
Since late August of 2016, Tio University of Applied Sciences is one of the first to earn the new NRTO certification. In the education sector, this NRTO certification is a hallmark of quality and professionalism. It gives consumers and businesses assurance when they select an educational institution. The new certification demonstrates that Tio is transparent about its products and services, offers adequate services, exhibits professionalism in its dealings with clients, has knowledgeable staff and measures the satisfaction of its clients.

An independent and externally certified organisation measures whether one meets the quality requirements. The NRTO certification is awarded by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO), the branch association for private educational institutions.

(International) partnerships


Tio University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO). Furthermore, Tio is a member of the sector and network organisations:

International partnerships

Tio is at an international level a member of

Hogeschool Tio is lid van de vereniging Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding (NRTO).Geschillencommissie
Tio's samenwerking met de ANVR Tio's samenwerking met Koninklijke Horeca Nederland   Tio's samenwerking met Sales Management Association 
Tio's samenwerking met Hotellotop  Tio's samenwerking met IDEA
Tio's samenwerking met Genootschap voor Eventmanagers
  Tio's samenwerking met Thuiswinkel.org 
EUHOFA InternationalEuroCHRIE ISEP
EAIE Nuffic

Customer satisfaction

Tio’s commitment to quality results in a high level of customer satisfaction. Tio therefore scores well in external surveys such as the National Student Survey. Throughout their education, students fill out multiple surveys. These surveys enable measurement of quality and – more importantly – they identify areas for improvement. Finally, Tio regularly engages in formal and informal consultations with its students. 

Advice from the industry

Business advisory council

Tio consults a committee of experts from the various industries in regard to the study programmes:

Mr J. Abraham 
Director Research & Advise, Thuiswinkel.org
Mr E. Bleeker 
Association manager, Sales Management Association 
Ms E. Boers 
General Manager, Carlton Ambassador Hotel
Mr P. Boogert 
General Manager, Lloyd Hotel
Mr S. Bosman 
CEO, Certimark
Mr K. Deelstra 
Director & Search consultant, InternetEffect
Mr R. Dingemans 
Head Consulting, SAP Nederland BV
Mr R. Dresia 
Manager Cabin Crew Training, TUI Nederland
Mr. J. van Duijvenbode, LLM 
Manager Tax Management, Deloitte
Mr M Groot 
Director, 8DAW
Mr B. van der Heijden 
Manager Organiser Services, Amsterdam RAI
Ms E. Janssen 
Managing Director, Culture Inc.
Mr E. de Jong 
Chief Operating Officer, USG Holding BV

Mr M.A. J. Koppers 
Supply Chain Director, Lucas Bols BV
Ms E. Kuipers 
Commercial Director, ITG Companies Mr. T. Landen 
Marketing Manager, EMEA Revinate BV
Mr B. van der Linden 
Director, Any Lamp BV
Mr W. Mulder 
Board of directors, Rabobank Haarlem e.o.
Mr T. Naber  
General Manager, Grand Hotel Karel V
Mr E. Nijman 
Managing Partner E-business, Qhuba
Ms W. van Norel 
HR Manager, InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
Ms M. van Oerle 
Unit Coach Dienst Cabine, Transavia
Mr F. Oostdam 
Director, ANVR
Ms B. van Osch 
Senior Manager Camping Jobs & Training Centre, Vacansoleil Camping Holidays
Dhr. D. Prijs 
Directeur, Fellowship for Event Managers

Supervisory board

Tio consults a supervisory board, consisting of external members, about management related subjects:

Mr. O. van den Brink, LLM
Former director, Transavia
Mr J.G. ter Haar
Former director, Oad Groep
Mr R. Payer
Cluster General Manager, Waldorf Astoria & Hilton Amsterdam

Education and counselling

Students apply their knowledge and skills in practical situations. Learning takes place both on and off school premises and in a variety of ways. The bachelor programmes are created based on the profile levels of professional competence and in collaboration with the various fields of industry.

Knowledge and application

Tio graduates enter the labour market with a solid foundation of knowledge. That knowledge was regularly tested and put into practice during the students’ education, e.g. with the help of practical cases and role-play exercises.

Small classes

One of the major benefits of Tio is that it offers small-scale education on a personal level. The small groups allow for plenty of time for individual attention and supervision of students. Ultimately, this leads to even better study results.

Communication and cultural intelligence

The success of international business depends on one’s ability to communicate with people from different cultures. That is why all our study programmes focus extensively on (intercultural) communication skills.

Professional development

Students develop self-knowledge, perseverance, independence, leadership skills and the ability to work together with others. They become young professionals with a strong sense of personal responsibility, a willingness to work hard and a desire to perform.

Integral projects

Developing products such as a business plan or an advisory report requires knowledge, skills and the ability to work together. With the help of integral projects, these competences are taken to the next level.


Tio believes that performance incentives lead to extra motivation. Various projects therefore take the form of competitions. The competitive element stimulates excellence and team spirit.

Study progress counselling

Instead of leaving students own devices. to fend for themselves, Tio offers them extensive counselling. Students have a lot of contact hours, supervision is part of the programme during projects, and study coaching is available if necessary. At least twice per academic year, students will be invited to a study progress interview, which parents are welcome to attend as well.

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Professorship e-commerce

The Tio professorship e-commerce helps Tio students to specialise in this dynamic field. The lector shares their professional contacts with students and uses their knowledge to further develop and update Tio’s education. This improves students’ connections to the labour market even more.


The professorship is designed to promote interaction between research, education and professional practice by collecting, distributing and (learning to) apply(ing) knowledge of the field of e-commerce and digital marketing in the sector. The professorship steers research assignments and final thesis projects conducted by students in the right direction.

Focus on e-commerce

The internet has a major influence on the business models of corporations and institutions. Tio wants to increase its role as a knowledge centre in order to stimulate innovation in this field.

Professorship e-commerce

Jorij Abraham, director Research & Advise at Jorij Abraham is lector e-commerce bij Tio Thuiswinkel.org, has been chosen for the position of professorship e-commerce at Tio University of Applied Sciences. With his experience as a manager of e-commerce for organisations such as Bijenkorf, TUI and Sanoma, he can help Tio to better integrate e-commerce in all of its study courses. “There is always room for new ideas in the world of e-commerce.”

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