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Tio Business School wants to set itself apart with the core values of personal, excellent and entrepreneurial education. It is Tio's mission to optimally guide young people during their development and help them lay a strong foundation for a successful professional career.
Learning by doing and quality are key aspects of Tio’s education. By listening to students and businesses, Tio manages to regularly implement changes in its education throughout the academic year. Tio’s focus on quality results in satisfied students. 

Tio Business School

At Tio Business School students become ambitious young professionals and true world citizens. Students are provided with all the tools they need to realise their personal ambitions and dreams.

Tio has been the market leader in higher education in the Netherlands for the past twelve years. We have outstanding Bachelor’s, Associate degrees and Master's of Business Administration programmes within the fields of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, hospitality & tourism.

By offering personal, excellent and entrepreneurial education that is tailored to the individual, Tio offers the prospect of a future that matches everyone's ambition. We offer personal guidance from professional lecturers and study coaches, and in this way, Tio is able to cater individually to the student.

Tio’s study programmes are developed together with the business community, which makes our education distinctive and practice-oriented. Because Tio’s lecturers have relevant practical experience, often with their own businesses next to teaching, knowledge is transferred by the experts. This keeps the lessons relevant and up-to-date, and the quality of education high. Due to (inter)national opportunities and experiences, Tio’s students grow into global citizens who dare to reach beyond their own capabilities by learning to maximize their unique skills and assets.

In short: the road to success starts at Tio, the best Business School in the Netherlands.


Its national organisation allows Tio to focus on the quality and innovation of its education. A team of education experts is hard at work every day to safeguard the quality of Tio’s education and to develop appealing and up-to-date study programmes. Tio’s in-house software specialists ensure that our systems are up to date and perform optimally.

Tio’s history

For more than half a century, Tio has been a market leader in education and business. Tio was founded in 1969 (as a Tourism Education College). The explosive growth of the tourism sector in the late 1960s led to an enormous need for educated employees.

Tio continued as a private educational institution, with an increased market-oriented focus in the 1980’s, offering Bachelor degrees. Under the leadership of then Tio director Mark Duthler (1991-2020), Tio acquired the AVR Vocational School ('93) and the AVV Vocational School ('94), and later also hospitality training provider named Tunon ('97).

Tio continued to expand, with hotel management programmes and, from 2012, business programmes. From those years, the focus on business education has increased. Since 2020, Tio has also offered higher educational Associate degrees and a Masters of Business Administration. This business focus has allowed Tio to use the name Tio Business School from 2023, underlining its character and ambitions.

In 2020, the company changed ownership to Salta Group, a group of companies that is the largest private educational institute in the Benelux with more than 25 labels. After the acquisition, day-to-day management has been in the hands of managing director Katinka Reuling (2020-2023). From the 1st of January 2024, Frans van Kreuningen took over management of Tio as managing director.

Educational concept

Tio Business School primarily wants to set itself apart with its personal, highquality and entrepreneurial education and by offering students the opportunity to earn their degree quickly.
This has been translated into a mission statement: “Tio University of Applied Sciences wants to offer personal and intensive professional bachelor programmes that earn an excellent rating from both students and businesses.”

The formulated core values are reflected in every aspect of Tio’s organisation and education:

  • Personal

    The organisation’s personal nature is reflected in its small scale and the short lines of communication between students and staff.

  • Excellent

    Excellence is reflected in our custom solutions, the many options we offer students and the intensive curriculum of Tio’s study programmes. Students are challenged to excel.

  • Entrepreneurial

    As a commercial organisation, entrepreneurship is part of Tio's very DNA. Students are challenged to develop their entrepreneurial spirit during their study programme and their future career.

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