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Final thesis

Bachelor students graduate in their last year. This involves the student researching a problem area for the company for which they carry out their final thesis research. The length of the final thesis research must be at least 20 weeks, in which the student works on the assignment fulltime.

Suitable graduation place

A suitable graduation place must meet two key requirements:

  1. It must be an assignment that is useful and concrete for both the student and the company, and which the student can complete largely autonomously.
  2. There must be someone at the company who can function as coach to familiarise the student with the company, discuss the research project, adjust where necessary and contribute to the final thesis assessment.

 A useful and concrete assignment is one that lies in the same field and at the same level as the student's bachelor course. To ensure the final thesis project runs successfully, we recommend gearing this assignment to the practical setting and to the student's level of interest. The activities must therefore serve the student's final thesis research. The benefit to the student (knowledge, experience, development of competences) must be greater than the economic benefit of the activities carried out. Finally, the company must agree with the conditions stated in the final thesis contract.

Final thesis research

Based on the final thesis research the student submits recommendations and an implementation strategy. Examples of final thesis projects are a study of the competition, customer satisfaction survey and the development of a marketing, PR or sales plan. Students are encouraged to select an industry-related final thesis project in the field of hotel management, event management, business, e-commerce or tourism.

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