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Tio students do an internship each year. The internship aims to apply what they have learnt in practice. The minimum internship period is 13 weeks, but foreign internships often last from 4 to as long as 10 months.

Internship requirements

A suitable internship must meet a number of key conditions. Tio requires the following conditions of an organisation:

If your organisation is unable to meet these conditions, then your organisation is not suitable for internships and no Tio-students will be placed.


Tio considers proper guidance of interns very important. Every work placement address must be able to demonstrate that it is capable of providing the necessary coaching. The intern is visited by the study coach during the internship. Where this is not possible overseas, the student will be supported by telephone, via skype or by email.

Internship compensation

As a guideline, Tio recommends a gross weekly internship compensation of € 62 paid by the company that offers the student the internship. However, some companies may decide not to pay any internship compensation.

Management internships

Tio invests in its top students. By offering extended management work placements, Tio provides its high potentials with the ultimate challenge. The best students go on a management work placement at reputable companies where they can develop their management skills. Not only a great opportunity for the students, but also for the work placement company, as they are introduced to the cream of the crop. During the management work placement, students learn more than with a regular work placement. This might include leadership skills, decision-making and managing a team.


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