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Hospitality programme at Tio

Do you know how to pamper your guests, and would you like to make it your profession? Why not choose a career in the hospitality industry and start with a hotel management programme from Tio.

The hospitality sector is an international sector with a lot of potential. In the Netherlands alone, more than 450,000 people work in the hospitality sector, but there is also a lot of demand for service-oriented people outside this sector. The sector has had an exciting corona time, which means that there is a need for well-trained hospitality staff to breathe new life into the industry.

What's happening in the sector?

What themes do you encounter in the hospitality sector? For example, digitisation, a theme that is becoming increasingly important in this sector. Booking, paying or managing your stock: it's all possible online. Since corona, there has also been more attention for hygiene, guests would like to taste new things and people are much more aware of healthy food.

Where could you find your dream job?

If you want to work in the hospitality sector, you have a wide choice: do you choose a hotel, restaurant, or do you go for an event organisation, multinational or booking website, for example? And do you use your talents as a hotel manager, event manager, sales manager or do you start your own company? Whatever you choose: with a hotel diploma from Tio you have a golden edge around your cv, so many employers are eager to recruit you. See here where Tio alumni now work.

Wanna know more? Discover our hotel programme
Programme in hotel management

Take the first step with Tio

Tio works closely with industry associations and network organisations such as HotelloTOP, IDEA and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. As a result, you will learn a lot about the current developments in the sector, and you will build up a valuable network during your studies. Do you use this network for the first step in your hospitality career?

Is a career in the hospitality sector perfect for you? Have a look at Tio'sĀ HotelĀ Management programme.