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Tourism programmes at Tio

Do you get excited about everything related to travel? Then the tourism industry has a lot to offer you! Certainly with a Tio degree in your pocket.

The tourism industry is changing: people are booking their trips online more often, they are looking for new experiences and want tailor-made solutions. Sustainability also plays a greater role. Corona has had a significant impact on the industry, but fortunately, currently it’s recovering: holidays are very popular again now that more is possible. Welcome to the world of tourism.

What's happening in the tourism industry?

Curious about current trends in the tourism industry? Holidays and travel of course. But those holidays often look different than we are used to: people want to travel more slowly, for example by night train. They also more often opt for a 'solo travel': on the road alone. Boutique hotels are also in high demand, and people are looking for unique bucket list trips.

Where do you find your dream job?

If you start working in the tourism industry, the whole world will literally be your oyster. Show your tourism skills in the Netherlands, or get a job in Bali, New York or New Zealand: jobs in this industry can be found almost everywhere in the world. For example with tour operators, (business) travel organisations, airlines, booking websites, or event agencies. The field of work within tourism is broad: you can work as a tour manager, (business) travel advisor, or product manager, but you can also use your talents as a city marketer, sales manager, or consultant. Or start your own business! Curious where Tio alumni work now? Read it here.

Discover the world with Tio

With a Tio degree on your resume, tourism companies will be waiting in line for you. Together with your open-minded attitude, language skills, and organisational talent, nothing stands in the way of your dream career. You will also gain a great deal of knowledge of current industry developments and have built up a broad network thanks to Tio's collaboration with industry associations ANVR, Ecommerce Foundation and IDEA. Will you soon discover the world?

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