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Event programme at Tio

Do you feel completely at home in the world of events and festivals, and do you like being in charge? Then a job in the events industry is really something for you. Start your career with a degree from Tio.

The event industry was quiet for a while due to corona, but it’s back in business! With more than 1,000 festivals per year and the most conferences in Europe, the Netherlands is an important player in the field of events. There is also much to experience in this sector internationally. Let’s get acquainted with the events industry.

What is happening in the event industry?

Curious about the current trends in the event industry? For example, hybrid events: they have become increasingly popular since corona. Purpose marketing (in which an organization takes social issues into account) is also on the rise, and the customer experience has become an integral part of the industry.

Where do you find your dream job?

When we talk about events, that also means festivals. However, the event industry is much broader than that! In addition to jobs at event organisations, your Tio diploma allows you to work at conference and exhibition locations, amusement parks, cruise lines, banks, and insurance companies or marketing agencies, for example. Use your talents as an event manager, conference organiser, marketing manager, wedding planner, or general manager. As a Tio student you have an edge on the labor market, just ask these alumni. By the way, did you know that 38% of Tio's event alumni started their own business?

Wanna know more? Discover our event programme
Programme in event management

Start your events career with Tio

Wherever you will be working: with your hospitality and organisational talent, hospitable attitude, and team player mentality you can make a difference. And because Tio works closely with industry organisations such as the Event Industry, IDEA, and the Society for Event Managers, you are aware of all the ins and outs in the industry and you can build a valuable network during your studies. That will come in handy during your career in the event industry!

Are you interested in getting started in the events industry? Have a look at Tio's Hotel and Event Management programme.