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Business programmes at Tio

Do you envision yourself closing international business deals, or starting your own company? Get acquainted with Tio's business programmes.

The business world is dynamic: World trade never stops. Day and night. National and international. With highs and lows. Much trading is done online, and cross channeling is becoming more and more popular. Welcome to the business industry.

What's happening in the business industry?

The business industry is growing. New ways of financing are constantly being devised, and it is increasingly important not only to make a profit, but also to make a contribution to society. The balance between humans and artificial intelligence is also becoming more imperative, and it is important as a company to be sustainable and resilient.

Where do you find your dream job?

There is a great demand in business for specialists with knowledge of international business, and well-educated young people have many opportunities on the labor market. Tio's business programmes provide you with a broad education, enabling you to make a career in SMEs, but also at multinationals. As a financial manager, consultant, sales manager, or managing director, for example. You will also develop your entrepreneurial skills, so you know how to market a successful company. Curious where Tio alumni work now? Read it here.

Go for (inter)national success with Tio

Wherever you find your dream job: with your will to win, an aptitude for finance and business, and an entrepreneurial mindset, you will make it to the top in the business world. A good network and knowledge of current industry developments are of vital importance; you are already working on this during your studies. For example, through Tio's collaboration with industry organisations such as the Sales Management Association and the Ecommerce Foundation. Tio brings you one step closer to (inter)national success!

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