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Students present unique catering concepts

Digital applauses all over the place during the online final Food & Beverage Management. Tio's second-year Hotel and Event Management students have worked hard on their concepts all year round, and it shows! But which campus team presents the best plan?

"Great how students bundle knowledge"

For the Food & Beverage Management project, students set to work on an entrepreneurial plan for a new catering company. They think about the company itself, the marketing, the operational part and the financial picture. “In this project, many disciplines come together to create a creative and financially substantiated business plan. It's great to see how students bundle this knowledge and empathise with the subject every year!” says lecturer Ron de Jong enthusiastically.

Speed dating, flying and special effects

Each Tio campus has selected one team to defend the honor during the final. For example, team Utrecht presents a restaurant in a Boeing 747, team Hengelo goes for an ocean-style fish restaurant, team Eindhoven focuses on the guest experience with a restaurant full of special effects and team Rotterdam and Amsterdam go for the singles with a speed date restaurant (Rotterdam) and a restaurant where singles can order food in advance and eat on the spot (Amsterdam).

Challenging and educational

“I think it is a very educational project,” says Myrco von Brucken Fock, student from Tio hengelo. “This is also because the project is spread over an entire academic year, devided in four sub-topics. This provides you with more knowlegde per topic.” Student Albertine from Eindhoven is also enthusiastic about the project: “The lessons were very interesting and inspiring, and we were really challenged to think out of the box and really do business.”

Dating at Deten

The jury deliberates… after twenty exciting minutes waiting, the unanimously chosen winner is announced: Deten of Tio Rotterdam! In their restaurant, singles, but also couples and elderly are welcome to drink cocktails and have dinner with each other. During each course, you get the chance to meet new people. Winning students Davey Hoogerwerf and Melvin de Boom are speechless about winning: “We are very happy, I don't know what to say! We thought the other finalists were very good, so also big credits for all opf them!” And from the prize of € 500, they will gain even more inspiration: "As soon as the hospitality industry is open again, we will probably spend our prize in a star restaurant," says Melvin. Sounds like a plan!

Myrco von Brucken Fock and Jonathan Kuipers of Tio Hengelo finish in second place with their seafood restaurant in an oceanic atmosphere, and third prize goes to Albertine Kolbach and Rosalie Vleeshouwers of Tio Eindhoven with ‘The Senses’ full of spectacular surprise effects. Time to toast!

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