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Give wings to your international career!

Dreaming of a successful career overseas? Closing business deals in Asia, designing dream trips to Australia or traveling throughout Europe as an accomplished entrepreneur? Increase your chances by gaining as much international experience during your studies as possible. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With our 9 tips international success is within reach!

  1. Choose wisely
    In case you haven’t started a study programme yet, keep your international ambitions in mind when choosing a study. Note the possibility of gaining (multiple) international experiences. Even better, choose a study with an international perspective. Tio University of Applied Sciences, for instance, offers the bachelor programmes Hotel and Event Management, Marketing, International Business Management, and International Tourism Management. At several stages during these studies you will have the opportunity to go abroad.
  2. Do an internship abroad
    Also when the curriculum of your study doesn’t focus on the international aspect it’s possible to gain international experience. The easiest way would be by doing internships abroad. This way you can learn and gain work experience at the same time. Besides, international work experience on your resume is a plus. At Tio, for instance, you get the chance to complete two internships and a research project at top organisations all over the world. The best way to prepare for an international career.
  3. Join a student exchange programme
    Another opportunity to gain international experience is by going on student exchange. Studying at a university abroad for a semester is great for your personal and business development. You get to take new courses and learn how to approach issues from an international perspective. Besides, you will meet new people, fellow students but also lecturers from your future work field. Valuable business contacts can work wonders for your future business opportunities abroad.
  4. Expand your international network
    When doing an internship or studying abroad, make sure you get to meet as many people as possible. Having friends from all over the world is very useful. On the one hand because you can interact with and learn from different cultures. And on the other hand because once you finished your internship or study course you’ll probably all head off in different directions. This means you could have contacts in all four corners of the world. Never underestimate the power of an international network!
  5. Take part in study trips
    In case you get the chance to go on a study trip during your studies: do it! International study trips are a great opportunity to visit international businesses and to learn about doing business with other cultures. Besides, some study trips include a visit to a partner university as well with, in some cases, even guest lectures. The best way to discover all the ins and outs of your future work field. 
  6. Learn a foreign language
    To improve your chances of international success it might be a good idea to speak more than one language. Business knows no borders after all. It’s easier to communicate and to close business deals when you speak the language of your business partners. It might even give you a head start on your international competitors. Don’t forget to take notice of cultural differences in business communication.
  7. Talk about your ambitions
    Share your international ambitions with other people! Your lecturers can connect you with their international contacts and your study coach can help you find an amazing internship abroad. Maybe your university already has contacts with multinationals and top organisations. At Tio for example students get the chance to take part in a grand international tour, which means they can get to spend two semesters studying at one or two of Tio’s partner universities all over the world.
  8. Work on your skills
    What skills do you need for the type of job abroad you want? During your studies it’s the perfect timing to work on the skills required for your dream job. Check job descriptions to learn more about the knowledge, abilities and skills needed in your future work field. You might want to take extra classes at school. Or in case you get a part-time job make the most out of it: up-skill in your current role while you can.
  9. Work on your CV
    Finally, pay attention to your CV. What kind of impression do you want to give? Which working experiences, courses and skills look good on your resume? Try to keep the main focus on the international aspect. Also, look at your resume through the eyes of a future employer. Would they hire you? Work on it and make sure your future employer absolutely can’t resist your CV!
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