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This is why students choose Tio

Do you want to know why students choose Tio? See below where Tio stands for and why students love to choose Tio and its study programmes

Small-scale and personal

Tio’s education is very personal. This past academic year, the average class consisted of just 11 students. Because of the small classes, you will have extensive personal contact with your lecturer and your fellow students.


 Tio stimulates its students to excel by means of e.g. an honours programme, management positions during projects and participation in external competitions. Furthermore, Tio stimulates participation in external competitions. The small lecture groups are the ideal environment to show off your qualities and complete your studies quickly.


As a private institution, Tio can respond quickly to demands from the professional sector and to students’ wishes. Anything suggested today can be implemented tomorrow. Tio strives to instil its entrepreneurial spirit in every one of its students.

Lots of guidance

Our lecturers inspire you to bring out the best in yourself. Tio students have a lot more contact hours than students at other institutions: many classes, extensive supervision during projects and study coaching sessions. Cancelled lectures are guaranteed to be rescheduled.

Accelerated studying

At Tio, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in just three years. This is the result of the intensive nature of Tio’s programmes: you have a lot of lectures and take part in a internship during the summer. 

International opportunities

Tio has an extensive international network. All students spend some time studying abroad: like international internships, graduating internationally or studying abroad at one of Tio’s partner universities.

Affordable for everyone

Tio’s high-quality education is affordable to everyone.  DUO’s student finance is sufficient to pay for a Tio study programme. More than 75% of Tio’s students pay for (part of) their education themselves, which makes them even more motivated to succeed.

Tio leads the way

For years, Tio’s bachelor programmes have been earning the highest scores in the independent Higher Education Guide and the National Student Survey (NSE).

Tio has an excellent reputation and has been renowned for almost 50 years for the quality of its education. All of Tio's bachelor’s degrees and vocational training programmes have been elected as the best in their respective fields by the Higher Education Guide and the Vocational Training Guide (Keuzegids Hbo en Mbo). “In first place, there is the private Tio University of Applied Sciences, which has locations in five cities. Students are very positive about this school,” says the Higher Education Guide.

Tio offers the following bachelor’s degrees:

Number one position

Tio achieves excellent scores in the “Best study programmes” survey conducted by Elsevier and has been earned the highest scores when it comes to facilitating studying with a disability for a number of years now. Tio’s bachelor’s degrees are also awarded the highest marks in the National Student Survey (NSE). Its vocational training programmes receive the highest scores in the JOB-monitor, which is also filled out by students.

Lecturers from the industry

Tio’s lecturers are professionals with extensive experience in their field of expertise. They transfer their practical experience directly onto the students. Furthermore, nearly all of our lecturers have a master’s degree. 

National organisation

The quality and actuality of Tio’s education is safeguarded because lecturers from various campuses develop the courses together. Students are guaranteed to have an interesting internship because of our national network and our excellent contacts with business and industry.