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Study programme

A master programme focuses on theory. Research, acquiring knowledge and strategy are the key aspects of the programme.


You develop research skills, learn to analyse and consult sources in a systematic manner and how to apply these skills. A master's degree enables you to help businesses face new challenges and examine issues from multiple angles.

Analytical and strategic thinking

Thinking ahead is a must in the world of business. By approaching cases from a variety of angles and by adopting an innovative mindset, you can truly make a difference. You develop strategies to help further the business and turn challenges into opportunities.

Internationally successful

If you have international ambitions, a master programme is also a great choice. You learn how best to manage different cultures and how to deploy the right talents in the right places. Furthermore, most master programmes are taught in English, enabling you to take your English language skills to the next level.


During your master programme, you do a lot of work on your own. Of course, you will occasionally be part of a team, but the theoretical subjects and the writing of your master thesis require a significant degree of independence from students. This is a wonderful challenge and a valuable experience for your future.



There is a wealth of master programmes to choose from, both domestically and abroad. To give you an impression of the available options, here is a selection of the courses you can expect when you choose to take a master programme.

Master international event management

  • Event marketing
  • Event project management
  • Events policy & practice
  • Experience economy
  • Globalisation, society & culture
  • Innovation creativity
  • International events, partnerships, sponsorship & funding
  • Live media industry
  • Management strategy in a global business environment
  • Master thesis
  • Research methods
  • Strategic management
  • Study trips

MBA business

  • Accountancy
  • Business intelligence
  • Controlling
  • Corporate strategy and organisational dynamics
  • Empirical economics
  • Entrepreneurship and SME management
  • Finance
  • Financial architecture
  • HRM
  • Information management
  • International business ventures
  • Management, change and consultancy
  • Marketing management
  • Master thesis
  • Risk management
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Strategy and management perspectives
  • Supply chain management
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship

MSc marketing communication

  • B2B marketing
  • Brand and product management
  • Case studies
  • Consumer psychology
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Current issues in communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Franchising
  • Innovation management
  • International strategic management
  • International finance management
  • Leadership and organisational behaviour
  • Market assessment
  • Master thesis marketing
  • Public relations

Master international hotel management

  • Benchmark studies
  • Business game
  • Case studies
  • Communication skills
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial planning
  • HRM
  • Innovation management
  • Master thesis
  • Multi-unit management
  • Real estate
  • Society and culture
  • Study trips
  • Trend watching

MSc leisure & tourism

  • Experience marketing
  • Imagineering
  • Leisure, tourism and globalisation
  • Leisure in public and private spaces
  • Master thesis
  • Research methods
  • Sustainable development
  • Tourism experiences
  • Tourism destination management