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Learning by doing @ Tio

Steffie Gerritsen, student Hotel and Event Management, shares her experiences about Tio. 

"It should come as no surprise that Tio is one of the best universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Tio’s lectures and lecturers are top quality, a large part of the curriculum consists of practical classes and students receive plenty of personal attention. That is not all, though: Tio also organises many excursions and events for its students and lecturers!"

Assignments on the Lijnbaan

"Because of Tio’s central location in e.g. Rotterdam, students regularly head outside to put theory into practice. For the marketing analysis and service marketing courses, for example, we frequently work on relevant assignments on the Lijnbaan. Last semester, we visited the new Hudson’s Bay department store. Our task was to analyse its concept and discover how it sets itself apart from the Bijenkorf franchise. It helped us gain a more concrete understanding of the material and gave us a chance to get out of the classroom for a bit."

Tio does more

"Of course, Tio does more than this. It opens doors for its students that remain closed to anyone else. Earlier this year, for example, we were invited to take a look around the three-star restaurant De Librije. We were told about the company’s history, given an extensive tour, took part in a tea tasting and finally got a chance to actually work in the kitchen. Also, how can we forget the Career Event, the Tio kick-off days, the introduction camp in the Ardennes and the Hotel and Event Week? Who else can say that they spent a week running their own company as part of their studies?"  

Parties and excursions with Cognatio

"Life is not all about studying. Your student years are supposed to be the best years of your life and Tio does everything it can to live up to that expectation. For example, student society Cognatio hosts one party after the other, as well as fantastic annual winter sports trips and excursions to Barcelona."

Endless possibilities

"When you put it like that, it is clear that Tio takes its students all over the place. We haven’t even mentioned the many unique internship opportunities and everything your Tio degree will bring you throughout the rest of your career. The possibilities are endless!

One thing is for sure: Tio is about much more than just attending lectures. I cannot wait to hear where I will get to go next year."

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