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Broaden your horizon: Study trip to Edinburgh

The project week is always an exciting time for Tio students. It is the time for Hotel Event Week, the Event week but also many study trips abroad. One of the study trips was with all the first year International Business Management students to Edinburgh.

"Edinburgh is the small but gorgeous capital of Scotland. When arriving in Edinburgh the trip started with a tour of the city. It gave the students a chance to see the beautiful medieval city and learn all about it. It looks very charming but it is the financial district of the country. Fact: did you know that due to its wealth 28% of all private schools of Scotland are located in Edinburgh? Bear in mind the population is only 500.000. Despite the size of the city many interesting businesses are located there amongst all the imposing buildings."

"Next to that there was also an interesting visit to Edinburg College where topics like Brexit were discussed. One of the other activities was visiting The Beer Factory where the owner told more about the brand and the business followed by a little sampling and tour of the brewery."

"Overall there was some time left to explore the city and safe to say that according to the students Edinburgh has been put on the map for both business and pleasure!"