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Working at an event company in Los Angeles

Hotel and Event Management student Margriet Hooimeijer wanted to know what it would be like to live in the United States. So this summer, when she had to do an internship, she decided to start looking in the States. Now she lives and works in Los Angeles. “It was very easy to adjust to the American culture. And the weather in LA is a lot better than in the Netherlands!”

Seeing how an event company operates

The outgoing Margriet is doing her internship at Global Management Services (GMS), an event planning and production company in Los Angeles. “I chose GMS because it is an event production company in Los Angeles which was offering an internship in event management”, Margriet says. “My responsibilities involve retrieving donations for our clients and maintaining contact with the people and organisations who make those donations.”

“I like my internship”, Margriet says. “I have really nice colleagues who are very helpful. I get the chance to see how an event company operates. For this the course event project management has helped me a lot. GMS is not such a big company, which I like because it means we have a small and personal office. Working with my colleague Marie is what I enjoy the most, as she has become a close friend of mine.”

Living in LA

“Because everything is a lot more expensive and far away from each other”, Margriet explains, “living in Los Angeles is very different from the Netherlands. The weather is a lot better though!'' Margriet wanted to live and work abroad. “I chose the United States because I wanted to know what it would be like to live there. It was very easy to adjust to the American culture, it was hard to adjust to how expensive and far away everything is. That is very different in the Netherlands.”

Dream job

Margriet chose for this internship, because of her international ambitions. And if it’s up to this ambitious girl, she definitely wants to work abroad, in the future as well. “My dream job would be something in business development, consultancy or work at an executive level.”

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