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Students about their study choice

You are in the last or second-to-last year of your general secondary or pre-university education and you face an important decision: what bachelor’s degree will you choose? What do you want to become? Perhaps you have known the answer to that question since you were little or perhaps you are starting to doubt because of the wide range of options.
To help you make this decision, we have asked some new Tio students how they made their study choice and why they chose Tio. 

Natasja van den Burg

Hotel and Event Management
Tio-studente Hotel- en Eventmanagement over haar studiekeuze“I registered in November. I love to travel and organise events, so my choice was between International Tourism Management and Hotel and Event Management. I thought Hotel and Event Management would be a more comprehensive study course, so I chose that. My parents own a camping, but they want to keep me from working there for as long as possible. They want me to discover the world on my own first.”

Bram Woerdeman

First-year student of Hotel and Event Management
Eerstejaarsstudent Hotel- en Eventmanagement student over zijn keuze voor Tio“Before I started the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree, I spent a year studying business economics. That programme was not right for me, I wanted more of a challenge than just focusing on numbers. My parents recommended that I looked around at Tio, so I did. During the open day, I was received in a very personal manner. There was a good, open atmosphere, which made me feel at home right away. The deciding factor for me was that a friend of mine is taking the same study course and that they are very positive about it. It is always good to hear positive stories from someone you know. Additionally, I love the small-scale nature of Tio. It is great that students get personal attention and are not just a number.”

Jaimy-Lee Aarts

First-year student of International Business Management
Business-studente Jaimy over haar keuze voor deze hbo-opleiding bij Hogeschool Tio.“I knew early on that I wanted to do something in the hotel business or something related to economics. Tio came to my high school for an information session. They talked about the school in a clear and enthusiastic manner, which made me attend one of Tio’s open days during my final year as well. That open day was the deciding factor for me, although I also tagged along with a student because I wanted to experience what this school is like on a normal day. I also visited Tio’s website a lot. It contains a wealth of information. What made me choose Tio is the fact that they offered good information. I like that the lecturers are from the industry and have a lot of practical knowledge and experience and the small-scale nature of the campus. The atmosphere and the information provided during the open day were the deciding factors for me.”

Louise Hagendijk

First-year Marketing student
Studente Commerciele Economie maakt kennis met Tio op open dag en proefstudeerdag.“I first came into contact with Tio via the website. I was able to find a lot of information there. I also requested a study guide and read it carefully. I attended an open day, because I wanted as much information about Tio as possible. Initially, I was also interested in Hotel and Event Management, but I am not very good at languages. That is why I ended up choosing the Commercial Economics and Entrepreneurship study course. Before I registered, I attended a trial study day. This gave me a clear idea of what studying here would be like.
When I walked into the Rotterdam campus, I immediately felt at home. The atmosphere here is great and I love the small-scale nature of the campus and the high level of quality of Tio’s study courses. 

Justin Nep

First-year student of Hotel and Event Management
Een goede baangarantie dankzij het volgen van een van de Tio-opleidingen.“Two years ago, I dropped out of my previous study course and I spent some time working in the catering industry since then. A friend told me about Tio, which led me to look into this university of applied sciences. I found a lot of information on the website and looked at the videos about possible career paths. I attended an open day and tagged along with a student for a day. On both occasions, I got a good impression of the school, the lecturers and the study course itself. I like the fact that Tio has such a small-scale nature. Tio also guarantees that you get a good job. This is the best hotel management degree, which gives students an excellent foundation for their future.”

Antoine van Hulst

First-year Marketing student
Bij Tio kun je je goed voorbereiden op je studiekeuze dankzij de open dagen en meeloopdagen.“My previous bachelor course was not going so well and I wanted to do something different. I found a Tio study guide and attended an open day with my father. I thought this open day was structured in a highly professional manner and I enjoyed the fact that the lecturers really listened to my story. I like Tio’s small-scale and personal nature. During the try-out day, I got a good impression of the school. I met some serious students and learned that their education really does come first. I also like that Tio’s lecturers are well educated people and really know their stuff.”

Emma Bosman

International Business Management
Emma studente International Business Management over haar studie bij Tio“I started out attending the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, but I did not enjoy that at all. Tio’s International Business Management study course is much more comprehensive and I like studying in Amsterdam.”

Reinier Kuijt

First-year Marketing student
E-commerce student Reinier vertelt waarom hij voor deze Commerciele Economie opleiding heeft gekozen.“I attended several open days from various universities of applied sciences, because I knew early on that I wanted a study course in the field of economics. My father proposed to also look at Tio. I attended an open day and then signed up for a try-out day. This day confirmed my positive feelings about Tio. As I tagged along with a student, I really experienced the quality of the teachers for myself. The main reason I chose Tio is the fact that there is a lot of personal attention. It is a small-scale and professional school.

Daan Groutars

First-year student of International Business Management
Eerstejaarsstudent International Business Management over zijn keuze voor een studie bij Hogeschool Tio“Tio had a stand during information evening at my high school. I received a lot of information in the form of brochures and carefully read them at home. I attended an open day, which gave me a great impression of the school. Before I made my final choice, I also talked to several Tio students and asked them about their experiences. I chose Tio because of its informal atmosphere and small-scale nature.”

Anick van den Berg

First-year student of International Tourism Management
Toerisme-studente Anick over haar keuze voor Tio's Internationaal Toeristisch Management hbo-opleiding.“I decided early on that I wanted a study course in the field of tourism. I love to travel and I have already been to many countries. I looked at many of the tourism degrees in the Netherlands. I had heard of Tio before, but they also had a stand at my high school’s study market. That was great, because it gave me the opportunity to ask students about their experiences with the study course. I attended three open days because I wanted as much information as possible about Tio and the study courses it offers. I registered during the open day. The homely atmosphere made me feel right at home at Tio.”

Esmee Nieuwkoop

First-year student of Hotel and Event Management
Combinatie Hotelmanagement en Eventmanagement interessant bij Hogschool Tio.“When I was fifteen, I did a career test. It revealed that a management study course would be best for me, preferably in the field of events. Tio came to my high school with an information stand, which got me excited. Next, I also attended an open day to gather more information. I chose Tio for its combination of hotel management and event management. That is unique and really adds value in my eyes.”

Carlijn Verbaas

First-year student of Hotel and Event Management
Voordelen van het studeren bij Tio volgens hotelschoolstudente Carlijn“I had already started a bachelor course, but that turned out to be the wrong choice for me. In the meantime, I worked as a waitress and discovered that I would like to work in the catering industry. I took a vocational training course for this. This was also a private course, that works better for me. I need discipline, which private education offers. Tio is a small-scale organisation and students and lecturers really get to know each other. I like that. I attended the open day at Tio Amsterdam, talked to a financial adviser and registered right away.”

Demi Knol

First-year student of Hotel and Event Management
De combinatie van Hotel- en Eventmanagement bij Hogeschool Tio is heel fijn.“In order to find the perfect study course for me, I started looking for information online. That is how I found Tio and decided to attend an open day. I ultimately chose Tio because I can now combine hotel and event management, which I really like.”

Robert Passtoors

First-year Marketing student
De kleinschaligheid en persoonlijke aandacht zijn voor mij belangrijke redenen om voor Tio te kiezen.“My sister pointed Tio out to me and when I learned that they would introduce a new study course, I got excited. The great stories from others, the small-scale nature and personal attention all make Tio the perfect university of applied sciences for me. I attended open evenings, where I enjoyed listening to people from the field talk about their experiences. There were even people there from the music industry, which is what I truly love. I also like Tio’s website, because it is so clear.”