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Summer school 

Summer School: Kickstart your international career in Events & Hospitality

Ever had that aching feeling that life has more to offer than the town or city you live in? Would you like to connect with people from all over the world and invest in your future career? Do you like the sound of a fun filled week with lots of social activities and interesting master classes? Look no further! You can do it all in The Netherlands with the Tio Summer School 2020! Read more about the programme below. 

Tio regrets to inform you that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Summer School 2020 has been cancelled. The needed measures to control the virus make it impossible to continue to organise this event. However, we are looking at offering you some fun online alternatives, so stay tuned!

For questions, please send an email to internationaloffice@tio.nl.

Summer School at Tio

Tio University of Applied Sciences is a force to be reckoned with. With award winning International Bachelor programmes in Tourism, Business, Hotel and Events this Summer School will bring you the best of the best. Think about:

The Summer School will take place from June 28th until July 3rd! But be quick, as there are only 16 spots available! 

Summer School highlights


28 June - 3 July 2020 


Utrecht & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Costs (including accommodation)

€ 795,00
This includes accommodation for five nights, local transport, bike hire, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the activities and lectures that are part of the summer school.

Costs (excluding accommodation)

€ 625,00 
This includes local transport, bike hire, lunch, dinner and all the activities and lectures that are part of the summer school.

Want to join?

If you wish to attend the Tio Summer School click on the button 'Apply now'. If you want more information about what it entails, make sure you send an email to internationaloffice@tio.nl and you will receive more information.