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Master's degrees

Master's degrees

After having earned your bachelor's degrees: going to work or continue studying into a master's degree? 
Your Tio bachelor’s degree will allow you to start your career immediately. However, you can also choose to expand and/or deepen your knowledge by continuing your education and applying for a master's degree programme.

Master´s degree after your Tio BBA

After completing your Tio bachelor programme, there are plenty of opportunities to take a master programme – e.g. at one of Tio's partner universities abroad or at a Dutch university. Your master can be an extension of your Tio degree or focus on a different area of expertise.

Why a master´s degree?

A master programme offers an academic extension of your knowledge and skills. You examine questions from a variety of angles and learn to quickly get to the bottom of scientific literature. This teaches you to solve complex problems and think in an innovative manner. You develop broad and extensive insights and learn to adopt a critical outlook. This increases your chances of landing a job and also raises your starting level and wage. In other words, a master’s degree is an investment in your career. 

This is what students say

“Marketing always had my interest. Because I wanted more theoretical background, I decided to do a master. It connected very well to my education at Tio”
Bob Peulen | Master student
“As sales director at Meltwater, I am responsible for coaching and managing my team. With 55 offices all over the world, I get to travel quite a bit”
Patrick Bolle | MSc Management

Master´s degree in 1 or 2 years

Most master programmes can be completed in either one or two years . Some master programmes require you to complete a premaster first: a foundation year to ease the transition from higher education to a university. After completing the master programme, you may use the title of MSc/MBA.

Continuing to study at a partner university

Tio has signed agreements with 42 partner universities all over Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania. You can spend time studying at one of these universities during your Tio bachelor programme and you can even earn your master’s degree from some of these partner universities after earning your bachelor’s degree.