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International week @ ESC Troyes

In May this year, Groupe ESC Troyes organised an international week for their first year students. They invited over 20 lecturers from partner universities in Europe and I, Karin Steijger (lecturer at Tio Utrecht), was there to represent Tio.

It was a very nice experience in a lot of ways. The city of Troyes - I have never been there before - is an attractive city in the middle of the Champagne area, about 180 km south east of Paris. It has a historical city centre with lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Troyes used to be famous for her Templars-history, but nowadays it is most famous for her outlet stores. Troyes is the city with the most and the biggest outlet stores in France. People from all over France are coming to Troyes for this.

Groupe ESC Troyes

Groupe ESC Troyes, like Tio, is a private university with 1800 French students and approximately 300 exchange students from all over the world. The facilities of this university are excellent: a fully equipped gym, a big library, a canteen in which they serve hot meals for just €3,50.
The experience of giving lectures to the French students was good as well. They act pretty much the same as the Dutch Tio students. I noticed that they are less used to interactive lessons - or maybe my lessons were a bit too interactive for them.

Meeting lecturers of different universities from all over Europe (Poland, Israel, Germany, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom) gave this International Week an extra dimension. I joined some classes of the other lecturers with very surprising subjects. The subject of the Polish lecturer for instance: (political) security management with focus on Ukraine.

By: Karin Steijger, lecturer Tio Utrecht