Master of Business Administration Master's degrees

Why choose the Master of Business Administration?

Why should you choose Tio University and the Master of Business administration? Because the business world is desperate for highly educated managers like you with the right skills. With this master's degree, you can also hold positions that you cannot get with just a bachelor's degree. You are widely employable and the business world likes to work with professionals who have practical experience, but who also have well-developed analytical skills.

Below, you can read more about why students choose this master’s degree at Tio University.

  • Ambition

    Are you an ambitious student striving for a career at the top? Tio's MBA programme offers academic substantiation of your knowledge and skills and lets you develop a comprehensive business-administration framework. The programme prepares you for a job in upper management.

  • Deepening and expanding knowledge

    Do you opt for a master's programme that lets you deepen your knowledge or would you rather expand your knowledge with a programme in a different field altogether? With this MBA it's up to you.

  • Cooperation with sector

    Tio collaborates closely with trade associations and networking organisations to make sure the curriculum ties into the latest trends and developments in the sector. 

  • High-quality degree

    Tio carefully safeguards the quality and final qualifications of its education. This guarantees the value of your degree. Once you have obtained your degree, you can use the internationally recognised title MBA (Master of Business Administration).

  • High starting salary

    Studies show that the starting wages of people with a master's degree are higher than those of people with a bachelor's degree. The gross monthly starting salary for recent graduates of an economy or business administration master's programme, e.g. the MBA programme, is circa €3,108 (Master Guide 2019). 

  • No work experience needed

    You are not required to have any work experience to be admitted into this MBA programme. 

  • Widely employable

    The Master of Business Administration is a comprehensive commercial study programme that prepares students for a variety of jobs, areas of expertise and sectors. Whatever specialisation you choose, you will be widely employable. 

  • Learning by doing

    During the MBA programme, you learn by doing. You are constantly bridging the gap between theory and practice by completing assignments and practical cases. You are taught by top lecturers with extensive practical experience. They know exactly what goes on in the industry and can therefore provide excellent guidance.

Waarom kiezen voor deze MBA?

Waarom kiezen voor deze MBA?

  • More job opportunities

    Businesses love working together with professionals who possess both the practical skills from a bachelor's programme and the analytical insights acquired during a master's programme. Furthermore, a master's degree can help you get a job that you would not get with just a bachelor's degree. This means you have more job opportunities and are more likely to find the job of your dreams. 

  • Lots of guidance

    On average, you will have about 12 to 16 contact hours per week. Because of the small group size, there is plenty of personal attention. While you are working on your final thesis project, you will receive excellent guidance from your thesis supervisor.

  • Small classes

    You will attend lectures in groups of no more than ± 16 students.

  • Acceledated learning

    After completing your bachelor’s programme, you can earn your MBA degree in just one year.

  • Network

    The close ties with businesses, the lecturers with practical experience and your final thesis project give you myriad opportunities to develop a sizeable network.

  • Freedom of choice

    You can fill in more than 50% of the curriculum yourself. For example, you can choose one of three different specialisations: international management, hospitality or commercial management. You also get to choose the theme of your final thesis project.

  • Guaranteed lectures

    Any classes that are cancelled will be rescheduled at a later date and time.