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Students create incentive trips for lawyers

Students present their ideas during final Incentive & Event Travel

This morning the final of the Incentive and Event Travel project took place in the beautiful theatre of FOX Travel in Hoofddorp. The goal: create a unique and sustainable incentive trip for a group of seven lawyers. In total five inspiring trips were selected to be presented by their founders: Tio tourism students of the various campuses.

Jury impressed by students’ concepts

The professional jury had done their homework by reading the reports of the various trips. They were impressed by the high quality: “It was hard to think of some questions as nearly everything is perfect”, Marijke Vink of GI Travel said. Joke Maassen (Travelproof) adds: “Such a nice moodboard they made, you really come into the mood when seeing their trips.” Host of the day is Frank Oostdam, director of the ANVR (the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators).

Prisons and tasting

The first team presented a trip called Winter Prison Land to Helsinki and Tallinn, made by students of Tio Rotterdam. “We created this trip for the target group of seven lawyers so that they can experience themselves what it is like staying in a prison instead of keeping people out of prison”, Naomi and Lisa explain. The following trip, Tastes of Andalusia, is completely different. Not only tasting sherry and tapas, but also tasting the Andalusian feeling. “These students of Tio Amsterdam did a great job after their unlucky footbal evening of yesterday, so warm hands for them”, Frank Oostdam asks.

De-stress for success

The show goes on with Ancient and Modern Athens by Carlos Enrique from Tio Eindhoven. He starts his presentation with the phrase: “Three gods created this journey for these lawyers by taking them back to Athens, where the bases of the law have been set”. The fourth trip goes to ‘DestrEstonia’; a new country has been invented by foreign students Maaike and Imelda. Their theme was de-stress for success in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. They let the lawyers de-stress by walking with huskies, sailing and having local food and drinks.

Champagne for the jury

Last, but certainly not least, is Sparkling Malta. Students of Tio Hengelo have thought about sparkling activities like a treasure hunt in Valetta, a sailing cup around Malta, Gozo and Comino and a champagne tasting. They even brought champagne for the jury! “It is a good combination with the 40 years anniversary of Rolex, which they celebrate with a sailing cup at Malta at the same period of this incentive trip”, André van den Berg of Xcentive says.

And the winner is…

The jury had a hard job deciding which team should win. “The devil is in the detail,” so said Frank Oostdam. And the most detailed trip was: Winter Prison Land! “There is so much flow in this programme, it is so tailormade and it has a perfect link to the target group”, explains Marije Breuker from Creative Experience Organisor Motivation Travel.

Trip to Helsinki and Tallinn

“Supercool, chill… I can’t believe that we are really gonna make this trip in October!”, winning students Naomi and Lisa state excitedly. Sparkling Malta is runner-up. Good news for students Linde, Jody and Eline of Sparkling Malta: they will join the winners of this final on their trip to Helsinki and Tallinn!

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