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Meet Tio's EMCup team: eager to win

You might have seen them on stage at the Career Event, the new team of the EMCup. Fleur de Boer, Jim Analbers, Romy van Hiel, Ruben Landman and Susanne Persoon will represent Tio at the yearly European Mice en Place Cup in 2018.  This is a prestigious competition amongst the best Hotel Management Schools in Europe to compete for the title of the best hotel school of Europe. Two years ago Tio won!

What is the EMCup about?

The EMCup challenges students to think out of the box about a real life topic and is the perfect opportunity to meet, share visions but also create a network all around Europe thanks to the industry professionals that are there during the competition days. This year the topic is: High Tech vs High Touch.

Hi team, why did you apply for the EMCup?

Romy: The reason I applied for the EMCup is, because I am always actively searching opportunities to learn as much as possible. I am driven to accomplish goals I set and eager to work with a new team. During the Hotel- and Eventweek I worked as a General Manager and during my first internship I worked as a Front Desk Agent in five-star hotel The Ritz-Carlton Abama. I learned a lot from this and it was time for my next challenge! I want to create a network with a lot of people who might be helpful in my career.

Susanne: Definitely for the competitive part of this project. I love the feeling when you cross the finish line after a strong race or hard battle.

Jim: I applied for the EMCup since I wanted to boost my career and see how far I can come in an international competition like this. I hope to show myself to a big and professional audience and I hope to make some new connections and expand my network this way. Furthermore I am participating so I can see what there’s to learn about the future of the hospitality world.

What will you contribute to the team?

Susanne: My personal contribution is my work experience from the last ten years. I’ve gained a lot of experience when it comes to team play and team roles. I’ve also raced many sailing competitions on a professional level and know how important it is to have everybody on board facing the same direction. One other thing, because of my choice to start a study at the age of 26, I am showing that I’m not afraid of the unknown!

Romy: I like working within a team and I think I can bring a lot of fun and hard work to the team. Organising and communication are my strengths and I always motivate my colleagues.

Ruben: I can be a very diverse and all-around person and am willing to fill in the blanks we have within our team. My strengths lay in being creative, having a clear vision, and being able to take a leading role. My systematic approach can help us in doing our research and my presentations skills can give us the edge over other teams during the event. These strengths can benefit the team greatly especially in an environment where people expect you to come up with solutions for problems or controversial topics.

Fleur: During this project, I hope to contribute positivity, perfection and structure. Due to my previous work experience in the hospitality industry, I have built up some great knowledge. This knowledge I hope to use when we will start with the assignments that are coming up.

What have you learned from pitching and what will you guys focus on from now?

Romy: I learned that if you have an interesting message to tell, you have to believe it yourself and convince your audience. We made a fantastic start during the Career Event. Right now we will focus on creating our network and interaction on social media.

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