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Master class of travel enthusiasts Floortje Dessing & Chris Zegers

Tourism students get lucky: they attend a special master class at Tio Amsterdam! None other than travel presenter and producer Floortje Dessing is on stage and is being interviewed by colleague Chris Zegers. Floortje: "If you know what you want, go for it!"

Adventurous people

Last Thursday Tio Amsterdam once again hosted an inspirational masterclass, filled with encouragement quotes from two famous adventurous people, Floortje Dressing and Chris Zegers. Alumni, students and staff gathered together in the main hall. The dress code of Tenue de Ville had a touch of smart casual, which made the atmosphere friendly and welcoming.  

Travelling more than 120 countries

Floortje Dessing, born and raised in Heemstede, started her career path as a television presenter, then went on to being a producer, travel writer, best known for her various travel TV shows and has covered more than 120 countries in TV programs. You name it, she’s done it! She was interviewed by Chris Zegers who studied economics in Groningen and took up acting and singing later on. He also enthausiastically told the audience about his adventures in life.

Achieving goals

They incorporated encouragement, feedback and motivation with their adventurous experiences. They focussed mainly on past encounters and as a whole, to better work towards achieving one’s goals, they expressed a number of tips, such as:

Questions were handled effectively, photos were taken and drinks were served, which ended the evening successfully.

Are you in one of these pictures with Floortje & Chris?

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