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Private education (English)

Being a private institution Tio can ask for higher fees than subsidised education. Therefore with a greater budget Tio is able to invest more in technology, teacher quality, smaller groups and more lessons.
This results in more than 24 hours of face-to-face lessons every week. And any lessons that are missed are always caught up again. One out of three Tio students pay for their own study. Just like you, your fellow students have made a well-considered choice. This leads to better student results and very enthusiastic teachers.

Bachelor degree in 3 years

After completing your secondary education, you can attain a bachelor degree for Hotel and Event Management, International Tourism Management and International Business Management in just 3 or 4 years.

Bachelor programmes at Tio

Small scale and personal

You are certainly not just a number at Tio. The Tio programmes are of high quality with personal attention to each individual student. Classical lessons are given with a maximum of 16students per class, skills training with a maximum of only 10. The teachers will actually know your name!

Optimal guidance and support

You will receive optimal guidance and support. The lecturers encourage you to bring out the best in yourself. In addition to the many regular contact hours, the projects also include scheduled study support classes. Furthermore, you can choose to attend the scheduled study coaching hours. 

Learning by doing

The teachers at Tio don’t just teach. They are also specialists in their own professional field – real-life professionals. There is a different teacher for each specialisation. Tio works very closely with the biggest companies in the sector.

Internationally orientated

No other sector is as international as that of hospitality, tourism and business. Modern foreign languages obviously play an important role in this. The majority of the students do their practical training abroad.

Excellent quality

Tio, a private educator, is well-known for the high quality of education it has been offering for almost 50 years. For example, Tio is ISO-certified and the bachelor programmes are accredited bythe NVAO. Most of the techers have an academic degree. Communication is very well-organised at Tio. There are short lines of communication and you are well-informed about what lies ahead. Tio has signed the Code of Conduct for International Student Higher Learning in the Netherlands. Tio can guarantee students a well recognized degree upon graduation.